It all started somewhere in a small village in South East Asia…

After a long exhausting day at school, little Xu came back home, where her mother was already preparing a bowl of homemade noodles with fresh ingredients from the local market. The broth was almost ready to serve, after many hours of boiling.

These were the happy memories of Xu, when she tells about her passion for cooking noodles. Now, generations later, these memories and family recipes have been passed on to the grandchildren.

“Xu” is based on the name of our mom, who shared her love for noodles with us. “Xu” also stands for an upcoming morning sun, which symbolizes a new beginning for something beautiful.

The dream of Xu was to let everyone taste the homemade noodle soups. Hello Tilburg, here we are!

Xu Noodle Bar is a family-owned business with the first restaurant in the city of lights, Eindhoven. Exactly 1 year later, we expanded our love for noodles by opening a restaurant in Tilburg. We are specialized in fresh made noodles and homemade broth, inspired by generations-old family recipes. We love to welcome you in one of our restaurants.

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